Weaving good energy with great design, FashionFitted® makes clothes that make people happy. When people get wise to us, they look smarter and feel brighter. 

Setting new trends and new standards in style — that's a big part of it. But the true form to our fabric is the belief that everybody counts. You. Us. Him. Her. Them. We're all in this together, and we're all equal, no matter who we are, what we do, whom we love, where we're from, or whose label we're rocking. 

Brief history: we started out as fitted hat specialists for celebrities, flipping the modern fly-guy's hat with our patented FeatherFitted® and offering the world's-only steam pressed premium gabardine fitted hats. We then reimagined the hoodie, elevating the iconic wardrobe staple with the introduction of the Tie Hoodie™

Since then, we've been on the grind, opening a boutique flagship store/showroom and putting together a super tight mini collection of head-turning, mouth-dropping apparel and footwear, available spring 2018. 


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