Headucation — The extraordinary FashionFitted® fitted hat

The FashionFitted® Classic. The world’s best made fitted.

To explain why it is that makes our fitted what it is, let’s start with what it’s not: synthetic. See, synthetic fabrics, like, say, acrylic — one of the most popular choices for fitted hats — aren’t particularly healthy for your head. For one, they don’t allow your head to breathe the way a natural fabric like cotton does. (And breathing, as far as we can tell, no matter what the context, is pretty important.) Your head’s not going to feel like its suffocating in its own sweat and oil — a critical way to combat the yuck factor.

But our Classic fitted is made not from just any cotton, rather from a premium cotton called gabardine, a super durable, water- and wind-resistant material invented by Burberry® in the late 19th century so explorers, adventurers and the military could travel to cold, rugged places in style and comfort.

Very few brands use gabardine to make fitted hats. Apparently, they don’t care about your head or what adorns it; well, at least not enough to pay a little more for its comfort and protection. What separates us further from those who do use gabardine is our signature steam press process. We’re the only apparel company in the world to steam press your fitted hat, allowing it to react with the fine gabardine (plus a secret ingredient) to create the sturdiest fitted on the planet, strong enough to support your coffee, laptop, or litter of poodle pups.

The result: an uncommonly strong and dope hat that makes other hats, in an apples-to-apples comparison, look fairly lame. You don’t want to look lame, do you? Didn’t think so. Let us help. Go to the Classic Fitted section, place one in the cart, order it, get it, rock it, love it. Done.

PS. Don’t forget to consider FittedCare™ — where you can enjoy steam presses for the lifetime of your FashionFitted® Classic fitted hat. Only $10!

January 14, 2017 by Gregory Shainman
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